"These droves of working poor challenge the sense of autonomy that has been foundational to the American way of life. These people are not given the freedom to govern their own finances. Instead, they are left to apply for funding that is allocated and regulated by the government with the added expenses of growing bureaucracy. A livable wage would challenge this trend. If Americans were guaranteed that a full-time job came with a full salary, the government could get out of the business of handing out allowances and return that sense of autonomy to the citizenry, who would be responsible for managing their own finances and making their own budgeting decisions given the certainty that they were in fact living on ample funds. Republicans would have greater authority, then, to suggest the government operate with a firmer hand as the government could avow that all working Americans were adequately supported financially, and welfare programs could in turn focus on rehabilitating those who cannot find work in hopes of getting them off the government dole as well."
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